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A Caring, Safe and Orderly
Canadian School.
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A Caring, Safe and Orderly
Canadian School.
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A Caring, Safe and Orderly
Canadian School.
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A Caring, Safe and Orderly
Canadian School.
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A Caring, Safe and Orderly
Canadian School.
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A Caring, Safe and Orderly
Canadian School.

Welcome to
Oasis Canadian Schools

The Only Canadian Offshore School In Nigeria.
Accredited by the Government of New Brunswick, Canada

OCS is New Brunswick Offshore School Program (NBOSP) as well as New Brunswick International School Program(NBISP).

The curriculum of learning at OCS is Canadian.

OCS is authorized by New Brunswich government to use the renowned New Brunswich’s curriculum, and the students are registered with the New Brunswick Department of Education.

OCS’s academic activities are supervised by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, New Brunswick, through the office of the Atlantic Education International(AEI).

AEI has the exclusive authority and is mandated to run the New Brunswich NBOSP and NBISP.


Oasis Canadian Schools

  • A safe , Caring and Orderly Canadian schools.
  • Start study in Nigeria , continue in Canada
  • Accredited and supervised by government of Canada .
  • Standard Canadian curriculum with selected Nigeria curriculum
  • Certificate and transcript issued and signed by Canadian Minister of Education.
  • The same certificate and transcript with graduates that studied within Canada.
  • High school graduates are referred to and valued as Canadian graduates
  • Scholarship opportunities to Canadian universities / colleges .
  • Tuition discount to Canadian universities/Colleges
  • Nigeria’s national exam certificates ( WAEC/NECO)
  • Admission support to Canadian universities/colleges.
  • Canadian visa and study permit application support by Canadian Immigration Consultant.
  • Personalized , quality and regular support from Canadian Education Consultant
  • Legal guardianship and accommodation for students in Canada
  • High quality and balanced academic and co-curricular activities
  • A stimulating , convenient and safe learning environment with advanced technology
  • Academic and moral excellence.
  • Guarantees express admission to Oasis College of Nursing Sciences.
  • Accelerated graduation pathway from Oasis College of Nursing Sciences


Oasis Group of Schools

Oasis Canadian Middle School

Grade 7 (J.S.S. 1)

Grade 8 (J.S.S. 2)
Grade 9 (J.S.S. 3)

Oasis Canadian High School

Grade 10 (S.S.S. 1)

Grade 11 (S.S.S. 2)
Grade 12 (S.S.S. 3)

Oasis Canadian Diploma Bridge Program

Intensive 14 months program.

Successful completion leads to a Canadian high school diploma and transcript award.
Graduates are referred to as Canadian high school graduates and considered as such for admission to any university and employment in any office in Canada and all over the world.

Bridge Program to Oasis College of Nursing Sciences

An intensive 10-month preparatory program 

 for students that did not meet the admission requirement to Oasis College of Nursing Science. Successful student gain express admission to the nursing school.

Oasis Scholarship .

Aims to provide intelligent and smart

Nigerian students the best opportunity abs preparation to become the world’s best and excel

Curriculum Overview

OCS teachers are trained and provided ongoing support and guidance by NB educational experts to ensure the quality of learning is similar to that of schools in Canada

Canadian curriculum

Leads to the award of Canadian high school diploma.

Medical curriculum

This covers post-secondary basic medical science courses. Credits earned can be transferred to Oasis College of Nursing Sciences to cover up to one school year. This accelerated admission pathway leads to early graduation by up to one year.

Nigerian curriculum

Leads to the award of WAEC and NECO certificates

Our Canadian Affiliate

OCS Community

Get fit

OCS students keep fit and healthy with various Canadian and Nigerian indoor and outdoor sport activities .

Get social

OCS creates conducive environment for a robust moral and educational social activities .

Go Explore

OCS stimulates positive curiosity and energy for unlimited learning exploration .

My Clubs

OCS motivates and supports students to identify and excel in various co-curricular activities .

Community Development Services :

Dental programme for primary schools

OCS students actively participate in community building through volunteering , health and educational promotion

Oasis Community


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