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Application is currently ongoing for all Oasis Canadian Schools Program 

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Entrance Exam Schedule

Entrance exam is scheduled for;
Saturday, 6th April, 2024.
Saturday, 4th May, 2024.
Saturday, 8th June, 2024.
Saturday, 6th July, 2024.

Entrance exam date for Grade 7 to 11 only
Individual exam: ongoing and available on request
Exam Centre: ICT hub O.C.S. campus Port Harcourt only

Exam Centre: Available in different centres in most of the states in Nigeria.

Contact O.C.S. for your exam centre information.

Examination Time

-27th May 2023
-24th June 2023
-29th July 2023
-26th August 2023

Admission Requirements For

Admission requirement for Middle and High schools. -Must pass the entrance exam with an acceptable good grade. -Must be a qualified student of the class applied for based on past academic history.
Admission requirement for Bridge Programs -Bridge Program to Oasis Canadian Schools. Must have completed grade 11 (S.S. 2 ) or grade 12 (S.S. 3) with an acceptable good grade. Must be capable and available for intensive studies.

-Bridge Program to Oasis College of Nursing.
Must have completed grade 11 (S.S. 2) or grade 12 (S.S. 3) .

-Available for secondary school graduates who did not meet the Oasis College of Nursing Sciences admission requirement.

-Available for secondary school graduates that did Art subjects in secondary school and need successful completion of science subjects required for admission to Oasis College of Nursing

-Available to secondary school graduates that did sciences in secondary school but did not graduate with grades up to minimum requirements to Oasis College of Nursing.

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